Our mission

We are our generation’s take on media: inclusive, compelling, creative, & honest. Our founder believes that the best content for our generation should come from just that; our generation. In an era of biases & divides, ANGST strives to tell stories from every corner of the globe & hopes to shine light on subjects WE know matter. With a diverse mindset, unique ideas, & an urge to create, the ANGST team works to be a strong voice for our generation.

Our content

ANGST creates monthly content released on the 1st of the month called “edits” followed by weekly podcasts that continue the conversation. Our content ranges from your favorite movie reviews and recommendations, to fashion editorials and even journalistic pieces. With either our monthly or yearly subscription, you gain access to all of the current edit’s articles, access to all previous edits, will receive newsletters, and you are the first to get notifications about upcoming podcasts.

Our team




Currently located in the Central Valley of California, Brisa grew up in Modesto, CA until she relocated to San Francisco to pursue a degree in Product Development at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. After spending a year at FIDM, Brisa moved back to her hometown and honed in on her love for writing by joining the Writers Team for the app We Heart It. While following her passion for writing and fashion, Brisa attending Seoul Fashion Week in March of 2019 where her idea for new age media came to life. While traveling Asia, Brisa was able to recognize just how little the Millennial/Gen Z voice is heard. With a vast array of upcoming designers, artists, and storytellers, she felt that these were the stories that needed to be told and was ready to fill the void in today’s modern media of celebrity gossip and political agendas. Thus creating ANGST. With ANGST, Brisa hopes to be the voice of our generation & create a new type media, just for us. Today, Brisa runs ANGST while being a dance teacher at a local studio. In her spare time she enjoys traveling, dancing, going to fashion shows, and watching VICE documentaries.

A Note From Brisa:

“Being able to see my ideas flourish right before my eyes is so captivating. I’m so grateful to my startup team for not only believing in me but, for believing in my ideas, and for being hopeful about the future of journalism, media, and magazines. With hope and a lot of trust, it’s amazing to see what the creatives of this generation are able to come up with when we band together. I hope that together we can change the notion of journalism and storytelling and help the ideas of what once was print media make its debut in the internet world.”


ANa Paulina:

Pop Culture & Currents Editor

Ana Paulina was born in the Maya tribe homeland of Mérida, Yucatán and is now currently residing in the state of Sonora, México. Paulina, a woman of many studies, is experienced in language education, research techniques, language learning autonomy, and translation, to name a few. She is currently a bilingual translator and university teacher whose research projects have been presented at an international congress and academic events. She’s also a hair and makeup stylist and a writer. In her spare time she enjoys reading and hopes to one day publish the two novels she has written. Paulina expresses herself creatively through her writing by not censoring her emotions or opinions. She feels that if just one person feels understood, less lonely or even learns something by reading some of her work, that’s success.

A Note From Paulina:

“Being part of a startup business is a great opportunity to make something important grow and make my own cultural contribution through writing. We truly live in a globalized world which is full of knowledge yearning humans like me, like you. I believe that in this digitized era where knowledge is so approachable that we must strive to put content up there that reminds people that all of our differences make us powerful.”



Beauty/Fashion editor

Rachel, born and raised in the Bay Area where she currently resides, loves to write and jot her ideas down in notebooks. She says that ideas are her hobby while stories are her passion. Rachel loves all things entertainment, from movies and television to books and she enjoys expressing her creative freedom by drawing out her stories to help elevate her ideas and take her stories to the next level. She loves trying new skin care lines as well as vintage and current trends and she wholeheartedly believes that if you ask lots of questions, you’ll get lots of answers. She hopes that in the future, more journalism outlets will be curated by our generation, for our generation. Despite her love for interactive storytelling and popular social apps, Rachel hopes that no matter how much storytelling changes people won’t ever give up good old traditional paper books, and that we as a generation will continue to have access to and contribute to outlets for expressing ideas that are available to us.

A Note From Rachel:

“Embarking on the adventure of a startup business means its only going to get better each day. Start ups are goal oriented and focused on the goals of its creators, contributors, and participants. This means everyone feels a measure of success each day they come to work and accomplish their tasks. Start ups are companies started by go-getters and people who don’t give up on their dreams. If we continue looking for ways to grow in our talents and in our passions, there will be no shortage of opportunities to accomplish our goals.”


Carolina De luna:

social media coordinator /Creative Director

Born, raised, and currently living in Modesto, California, Carolina has always wanted to be a part of something creative and expressive. This creative intuition is what led her to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising where she studied Visual Communications. From there, her passion for design, fashion, beauty, styling, business, and marketing flourished. Carolina definitely feels that she is the mom friend! She is the second oldest of 7 siblings so those motherly instincts come natural to her. She loves being the person that others can rely on. When she’s not working or with my family and friends, you can find her playing with makeup or looking up what new releases my favorite beauty brands just dropped (cruelty free of course). Carolina also likes to express herself through visual storytelling. She believes that design and visuals are global and universal and have a special way to communicate a story that words cannot. No matter the language barriers, design, art, and visuals can be felt and understood around the world.

A Note From Carolina:

“Being apart of a startup business means that there’s so much room for creativity and growth! This business has the potential to go as far as our team wants it to go. I hope that the art of magazines transcends decades and trends. As technology advances I want to work to move journalism and magazines forward into the digital realm.”



Creative director

Born and raised in the boarding towns of Modesto and Ceres in CA, Amora spends her time studying Studio Art and Art History while working as a full time employee at a local elementary school. In her spare time, Amora loves painting and is open to all other forms of art such as, dancing, photography, and music. Amora appreciates the way different art forms can make you feel a different way.

A Note From Amora:

“For me, a startup business means that passion is a huge factor on why it’s being started which gives the opportunity for our voices to be heard. For the future of journalism and magazines, I hope for it to become more in style as it used to be because I feel people have strayed away from it.”



Fashion art director /writer

Originally from Burlingame, CA and raised in the Central Valley, Rue spends her time pursuing her love for art, fashion, and media. Currently she studies both Art History and Psychology, while also working in video communications and project management. At one point before deciding to follow her passions, she was once an aerospace cadet undergoing pilot, medical, and military training to become a flight doctor. Nowadays, Rue likes to express herself creatively through fashion and enjoys either creating or analyzing the nature and art of how and why certain pieces are made and intertwined within our culture. Whether that be in styling, writing, conducting interviews, or working with fashion photography. While not writing and being a fashionista, you can find Rue deep into a film or on adventures with family and friends.

A Note From Rue:

“Being part of a startup business means that you can only aim for the top, there’s just a lot of room to be expressive within the principles of team brainstorming to conjure new and innovative ways we can build a unique brand for ourselves. I hope that there can be more room for underground recognition and opportunity for unlimited expression in journalism…also, that it doesn’t die off! It’s a craft shared by many passionate multimedia creatives”.




Originally from Modesto, CA, Janice currently resides in Santa Barbara where she has been for the last 3 years studying Sociology, Professional Writing, and Labor Studies at UC Santa Barbara. In her spare time, Janice enjoys reading, running, dancing, and astrology. She also loves to express herself creatively through performances. Whether it is dancing or acting, Janice feels at home on the stage and also enjoys painting and shooting film.

A Note From Janice:

“Being a part of a startup business is something that I cherish dearly because I feel like it is often difficult work to start something new from the ground up so being there from the very beginning gives me a sense of belonging and admiration for this business. I do hope that the future of journalism and magazines will be more free spirited and less structured around following an algorithm of what people think others want to hear. I hope that they start becoming outlets for expressing creativity rather than just following the same trends.”




Bérengère, from Nancy, Francy is in her first year of study to pursue a Masters of Art in English Studies, specialized in Culture and Tourism. She is also a dancer of 16 years and is currently writing her own novel. She also enjoys photography, hiking, reading and playing video games and is a huge fan of Marvel. Bérengère is an open minded person who likes to travel, to discover new things, share her creativity, and be inspired by people and places. She enjoys to express herself and her world views through her writing and believes that words have marvelous powers that we should use to express creativity.

A Note From Bérengère:

“To me, being part of a startup is the chance to be part of a new generation. This is being part of a voice that matters and a creative base, which I'm sure will never cease to amaze me. I sincerely hope that journalism in the future will be a place for people to fully express themselves. Furthermore, I hope magazines especially will strive to send the right messages all the time and that I think that can be possible.”


M. Therese:


M. Therese lives in the small city of Hamar in Norway where she studies Media and Communication with a specialization in Journalism. With that also comes photography, film making, and graphic design. M likes to happily spend most of her time behind a computer or camera. Her hobbies include writing and catching up with my friends. She has written for many local newspapers before, and has also worked in radio after school and is now very excited to write and share her work online. She is a huge lover of the big screen and watches movies and TV-series’ on the daily. She loves to express her creative freedom through writing and has been writing since a young age, beginning with writing small stories to share with my teachers and classmates. After facing the thrills of writing, M then decided that she wanted to write for a living and inspire and entertain other people. She hopes to reach out to as many readers as possible and have a lot of fun on the way.

A Note From M. Therese:

“I can’t wait to meet new people and communicate with our readers. I have a dream that this business will grow big so that we, writers, can continue doing what we love: inspiring, educating, motivating and entertain as many as we can. Journalism is very important to me. I think that it is very important for the world to function, and that without journalists, the world would be lost. Now many prioritize social media, therefore, journalists have a great responsibility to keep their work applicable. I do hope that the skilled journalists and writers around the world will be able to make journalism and literature exquisite and thrilling again.”




Harshini Oruganti, born and raised in West Palm Beach, FL where she still currently resides, is hopeful to begin her studies in Computer Science and Business Analytics. In her spare time she enjoys showing her creativity through makeup and she also plays tennis. Harshini also enjoys to doodle and free write to express herself. A notable fun fact about Harshini is that she is vegetarian. Harshini is excited to be apart of a startup because it means helping someone’s vision come to life while also allow her to develop as a writer without much conformity.

A Note From Harshini:

“I hope journalism and magazines move towards helping people instead of some that just try to gain profit by going after someon’’s career. I hope that we can go into an era where magazines try new and different things, journalists find the next big thing with fresh perspectives rather than just competing to be the first to get daily gossip or celebrity new; ethical writing rather than fibbing the story.”




J.A.S, currently residing in Modesto, his hometown, is a photographer, Art History, and Photography Major. In his spare time when not photographing, J.A.S. enjoys drawing and music and believes that the best way to express himself creatively is by being able to have a good amount of time with music blasting while jumping ideas of each other to create something awesome.

A Note From J.A.S:

“I heard a great quote on documentary once that said, “Don’t be the tail of the bull, be the head of the chicken!” I always have been fascinated with starting something new and pushing your limits to a new level. I feel like you don't get that same with working with a large corporation.”